Conservation Framework

Planning For Conservation

This mapping tool is designed to provide depictions of various attributes such that they can be viewed spatially within a region, including the physical elements (climate, ecoregion, water), the human impacts (population, land use, development threats), and the existing protected areas (state, federal, and other protected lands) within a region of interest.  Additionally, the tool provides natural resource managers with layers pertinent to the current status of the black-capped vireo, including the Recovery Regions and their rankings (status, threats, and opportunities) and a depiction of potential habitat across the vireo’s breeding range.

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  • Black-capped vireo (BCVI)
    • Status: Recovery Region Rank
    • Threats: Recovery Region Rank
    • Opportunities: Recovery Region Rank
  • Climate
    • Average Annual Precipitation
    • Aridity Index
  • Human Population by County
  • Ecoregions
  • Land Use (NLCD)
  • Water
    • Waterbodies
    • Major Rivers
    • Streams
  • Wildlife
    • Wildlife Management Areas
    • State and Federal Lands
    • Other Protected Lands
    • Wildlife Management Associations
  • Threats
    • Negative Land Use Change
    • Shale Plays
    • Wind Energy Potential
    • Projected Impervious Surface (2005)
    • Recovery Regions
    • Potential for Black-capped vireo habitat