Conservation Framework

How do you best manage land for wildlife?

Trying to determine where and how to best manage priority wildlife populations? Interested in improving your property’s natural resources or diversifying your income?

The Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Conservation Framework can be used by natural resource professionals and landowners to guide habitat management practices, conservation planning, and decision making for priority species and a variety of other wildlife that can provide economic, recreational, and aesthetic value to a single property or an entire region.  Managing habitat for priority species like the endangered black-capped vireo can benefit other species, including popular game species, such as northern bobwhite, white-tailed deer, and wild turkey.  Similarly, managing for game species, if done responsibly, can benefit endangered species.  Read the report

How can you manage for desired species?

The habitat management chart compares management recommendations among the game and non-game species.

Where can you best manage these species?

This interactive land mapping tool is designed to aid conservation planning for natural resource professionals and individuals to understand the best locations for management.

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